Twelfth Night or What You Will by William Shakespeare

Act 3 Scene 1

In 2008 Brandon University Theatre produced a modern dress production of Shakespeare's classic comedy Twelfth Night. In the scene you are about to see the Lady Olivia, played by Alissa Watson has fallen head over heels in love with who she believes is a boy named Cesario but who is in fact very much a woman called Viola, played here by Heather Russell. Viola is just pretending to be male but this pretence has landed her in a world of trouble as you are about to see.

Olivia has invited Cesario to her house to demand to know how he feels about her; much hilarity ensues.

Our Country's Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker

In 2007 Brandon University Theatre produced Our Country's Good. Based on historical fact, the play tells the story of the First Fleet's arrival on the shores of what is now Australia. Convicts and guards are both stranded on the edge of the earth, rations are running low, and a fresh young Lieutenant thinks it would improve everyone's morale if the convicts acted in a play. Unexpected consequences prove the transcendent power of art in this international hit.

The cast is obviously over the first night nerves and they await the call to places on closing night.

Lieutenant Clark, played by Jared Weir attempts to direct Sideway, played by Chris Cook, on the finer points of acting.

The unruly women convicts overcome their differences and decide to get along while they work on the play. From the left Heather Thordarson as Dabby, Diana Struck as Liz, and Alissa Watson as Mary.

Things look bad as the shackled prisoners wait to be hanged under the watchful eye of Major Ross, ready to keep them in line with his cat-o-nine tails. From left: Diana Struck as Liz, Miles Crossman as Caesar, Ripley Large as John Wisehammer, Bob Brereton as Arscott, and Chris Ross as the Major.

Our Country's Good is not always serious; it has a romantic comedy side. In this shot a flirtatious John Wisehammer (played by Ripley Large) makes Mary (played by Alissa Watson) laugh at his stories of life at home in England.

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