Elucidata: Multimedia Poetry

by BU Creative Writing students Liz Boutette, Mike Hayden, David Kusnick, Monika Sormova, and Barb Flemington
with Professor Di Brandt, web tutor Cory McMurachy, and audio-video tutor/editor Derek Gunnlaugson

Liz Boutette

I Turned on the Radio

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Lagorio's Zodiac

Lost Bee Song

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Mike Hayden

I am Sometimes

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I'm Having Trouble

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David Kusnick


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Monika Sormova


Barb Flemington

Once Upon a Tightrope

Barb Flemington, from “Once Upon a Tightrope,” a poetry sequence created in conjunction with the installation, “Poetry Link,” currently exhibited in The Link at Brandon University (the 2nd floor bridge between Clark Hall and the Richardson Building).

A True Story

Maria Spelterina
Maria devil-dare
She walked above the cable car
For all to stop and stare

She was the only woman
Among the proud elite
To walk across Niagara Falls
Peach baskets on her feet

My Muse

My muse
    will not
be fished out of the river
from inside a battered barrel
at its widest point
thirty-four inches in diameter
(that’s 86.36 centimeters)
along with a 200 pound anvil
(that’s 90.72 kilograms)

My muse
     will not
be found bobbing on a rocky reef
awaiting the fates to converge
on a makeshift bridge of planks
to saw her out of the barrel
that swept her over the Falls.

My muse mimes a line of vision in the clear blue sky as she walks a wire of hope and aspirations and courage and perseverance and disciplined years of practice and faith and trust in her body and balance and acts of defiance and understanding of gravity and ability to risk and pragmatism and attachment to the world.  My muse walks a path of love.

Barb Flemington is a professional artist living in Brandon, Manitoba. She created “Once Upon a Tightrope” and “Poetry Link” as a multimedia poetry assignment for Elucidata 1, taught by Di Brandt, with technical assistance by Derek Gunnlaugson, in the Creative Writing program at Brandon University in 2009. “Poetry Link” was officially opened in May 2009, with readings from “Once Upon a Tightrope” by Brandon University librarians.

Barb Flemington — www.videopool.org/catalogue/artists/?id=117

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